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Service Information

Bereavement can be a difficult time. To help ease this, the free service has been set up to allow you to notify several financial institutions about the accounts held by the person that has died, by completing only one notification form.

Over the next few pages, we ask for the details of;

  • the person who has died
  • your details, as the notifier
  • the details of the person dealing with the estate, if known
  • the deceased’s bank or building society accounts and sort codes and account numbers (These are not mandatory but they will help the financial institution/s to quickly confirm whether they hold open accounts for the deceased.)

This information will be passed to the financial institutions. Where a live account is located for the deceased, each member organisation will contact you within 10 working days from the date that you submitted the notification to let you know what the next steps are. This may include them asking for a copy of the death certificate. Important: If no account is held with the member organisation then they will not write back to you.

If you have not created an account with this service at the beginning, you will have the option to create one at the end. Creating an account allows you to save the details you have entered and come back to them later.

You will not be able to amend details about yourself as the notifier or the person that has died after they have been submitted due to the validation checks that we perform.

After 90 days the service will close this notification. If you wish to update or add accounts after 90 days please contact the relevant financial institutions.